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Q 1: What is Brainfeedback (BFB) ?
Q 2: What professionals use Brainfeedback(BFB) ?
Q 3: What are the most common problems treated by Brainfeedback?
Q 4: How does the process work?
Q 5: What EEF frequencies are typically trained?
Q 6: How many training sessions does it take?
Q 7: How long does the effect of training last?
Q 8: Can Brainfeedback be used while a patient is on medication?
Q 9: When doesn't Brainfeedback work?
Q 10: Are changes to brainwave patterns permanent?
Q 11: How does training transfer to everyday situations?
Q 12: Are there adverse affects from Brainfeedback?
Q 13: Where are BFB centres in India ?