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We at Relax ! Mind De Stress Zone , have taken the initiative to make our country "Drug Free India" , Our endeavor is to reduce or eliminate the  use of drugs when it is NOT required.BFB as it’s popularly known as , manages most of Psychological disorders by using Brain’s Self Regulation activity. 

  "Life is moving at a very fast pace,people from all walks of life are stressed.Be it a 4 year old child or 60 year old  person,every one wants to break free and relax."

Evolution and discoveries has given us almost every comfort for a better living , but at the same time  it has produce some side effects as well . In order to deliver best results we have invited problems for ourselves and our children’s such as; Tension , Stress , Depression etc. to name a few.

          The competition in present genre has no limits, which directly or indirectly induce pressure at work place, family, schools and everywhere you go which results either into success or failure. When you succeed, you ought to prepare for another competition and when you fail you undergo stress, depression, migraine and various other psychological disorders. the root cause of these psychological disorders have many roots like heredity, hormonal imbalance etc. and to overcome these problems there are many psychiatrist and psychologists which people generally avoid because they get suggestions from every third person they meet. 

           But has anyone ever thought of a treatment which is based on some technology and where people can treat themselves that too without any medicine? Yes, We are talking about the treatment of psychological disorders, which can now be treated by a computerized technology and the good news is that this is not just a prediction but a truth which  can now be found in many cities of India like New Delhi , Punjab , Maharashtra , Gujarat , Rajasthan , Kolkata , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Kerala  to name  a few. 

          This technology is called BRAINFEEDBACK THERAPY which is a NASA researched and certified technology. This therapy treats most of the Psychiatric and Psychological disorders that too without any medicine and side effects and the results are unbeatable and fantastic. All you need to do is that you have to sit on an easy recline chair in front of a computer screen and play a video game and it will be an another piece of surprise to know that you have to play video game with your brain waves and NOT  by using any mouse or joystick. Isn’t it amazing? You still must be wondering of how a person can be treated by just playing a video game? The patient sees and play video game with his brain waves on one Monitor with Two ear clips connected on both of his Ears and one Disc Electrode at his scalp at suitable position , whereas the therapist monitors different brainwaves frequencies generated by the patient on his screen . Patients Brainwaves activity generates frequencies from 0.5 to 0ver 40 Hz which is sourced in form of qEEG and then distributed in respective bandwidth frequencies viz. Delta , Theta , Alpha , SMR , Beta and Beta 2.

Psychological and Psychiatric conditions are developed mainly because of  three conditions. First, the mixing of certain abnormal brainwaves. Second, overlapping of brainwaves and Third, disability of brainwaves to come to it’s normal bandwidth frequency  range.  

Treatment Modality : Nature has given our Brain a superb ability for SELF - REGULATION , which helps in conditioning of our Brainwave activity. BFB is  based on operant conditioning that means whenever brainwaves come under their normal range the person gets a reward either visual or audible. BFB deals with the Self regulation of the brainwave activity. 

Through this treatment the brain is trained to work in the best possible condition which cannot be unlearned like once you learn to drive or swim you can never forget that. 

Brainfeedback works because brain always wants to be rewarded. And with this mission in mind of removing all the psychological problems and make our world a happier and healthy place to live in.